Our philosophy

It all started in 2006. Our passion and love are the finest flavour cocoa beans.

We are trading cocoa beans from our own merchants and suppliers from more than ten destinations. That way we guarantee the quality of each product we import and sell. Bohnkaf maintains the highest possible quality. 

We ensure these standards by implementing quality controls at regular intervals. Demanding quality, flexibility and excellent service are our ambitious aims.

Bohnkaf-Kolonial GmbH & Co. KG is an European importer of the finest cocoa beans, which we source from our own exporters from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Madagascar and São Tomé.

Cocoa is my vocation and my passion from the very beginning.
Gonzalo Toro
Founder, Managing Director and expert on flavour cocoa beans.

Fair and ecological

With all our products, however, we not only pay attention to quality, variety, country of origin and processing. We are convinced that socially and ecologically sustainable action is a prerequisite for long-term economic success.
Thanks to these guidelines, we can create what is important to us: cocoa that is "good" in the truest sense of the word.

Fairtrade products

We supply the following Fairtrade certified products:
  • Fairtrade cocoa beans

Organic Certificate

We supply organic cocoa quality from the Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru and Madagascar. The following products from our company are certified organic:

  • Organic cocoa beans
  • Organic cocoa products
  • Organic cane sugar

UTZ products

We supply the following UTZ certified products:

  • UTZ cocoa beans

Social engagement

An important principle of Bohnkaf-Kolonial is to take responsibility as a company and to act sustainably. This is true not only in Neumünster and Germany, but for the whole world. Therefore, it is important to us that the cocoa farmers receive improved working and living conditions and that their children receive an education. 

Ecological awareness

Bohnkaf-Kolonial is not only committed to the people, but also to the environment.
Through our certifications, we support environmentally friendly cultivation in the countries of origin.