La Cuna del cacao

Our cocoa varieties from Peru

Latin America is the world's largest exporter of fine cocoa, but Peru stands out among all exporting countries.

Peru is the country with the most organic and Fairtrade certified plantations, where a great genetic diversity is cultivated.

Latin American farmers face major challenges in growing organic cocoa because it is difficult to produce profitable crops, especially without pesticides.

In Peru, almost exclusively organic and Fairtrade cocoa is grown, and the passion for high-quality cocoa drives the farmers.

This is one of the reasons why Bohnkaf is in close contact with Peruvian cocoa farmers and can offer several varieties from the San Martin and Quillabamba regions.

Organic Satipo

Only one cooperative is responsible for the production of the cocoa we buy in the province of Satipo in the Peruvian rainforest (Selva Central): The "Asociación de Productores Agrosostenibles Villa Ecologia Perú".  A total of 200 farmers are involved in the production of this cocoa, which ...


This exotic cocoa comes from a small village in the state of Aragua, in the northern coastal area of Venezuela, founded in the 16th century. This village is famous for its cacao plantations, where the finest cocoa beans...


Through international collaboration with various funds and brokers, an alternative development program, the cocoa company VRAE S.A., was established in 2000 to market cocoa beans from 410 partner families...

Other available varieties