Cocoa from Central America

Cocoa was already cultivated and consumed in Central America about 1,500 years ago. It is the origin of the cocoa tree.

Because of its mood-lifting properties, cocoa was and is highly valued by many peoples.

Around what is now Mexico, cocoa trees were grown and the cocoa bean was harvested at that time.

When the Spanish reached Central America in 1502, the miracle of cocoa was spread throughout the continent and eventually the world.

Our Central American cocoa beans come from:


Although Panama produces very little cacao compared to other countries, the resulting chocolate is of world-class quality.  

Dom. Republic

From the Dominican Republic we source organic cocoa beans of the Hispaniola variety. These are Trinitario beans, a crossbreed between Central American Criollo and Forastero from Amazonia.

Cocoa from South America

South America has undergone a transformation in recent centuries. While the pulp and beans of the cocoa tree were already used in Central America, it was still unusual in South America to process more than the pulp.

This only changed with the immigration of the Spaniards around 1502 and the subsequent missionary work. The South Americans learned about the great potential of cocoa and set about exploiting it just like their northern neighbors.

Nowadays, the best fine cacao varieties come from South America, so this is the main focus of our qualities.


The country with its high quality coffee also has excellent fine cocoa.


Cocoa is one of Ecuador's most important agricultural exports and plays a major role for the rural population. The cocoa producers are mostly smallholder families.


Peru is the country with the most organic and Fairtrade certified plantations, where a great genetic diversity is cultivated.


Venezuela can be described as the cradle and home of cocoa. Located in the Caribbean, Venezuela is one of the best known growing areas for fine cocoa.

Cocoa from Africa

With the immigration of the Spaniards in Central America from 1502 onwards, cocoa was spread to other countries and nowadays it grows in many areas of the world.

The cocoa tree is now also domestic in the warm regions of Africa.

In addition to several million tons of conventional mass cocoa, excellent fine flavour cocoa comes from some smaller African countries, which we offer you from:

São Tomé

São Tomé benefits from its exceptional location for the production of cocoa. It is exactly in the middle of the narrow belt 10° north and south of the equator, where fine cocoa thrives.


There are very few countries outside the South American continent where excellent fine flavoured cocoa is produced. We offer you an exclusive organic cocoa variety from one of these countries, the Ambanja superior.

Other Products

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