La Cuna del cacao

Our cocoa varieties from São Tomé

São Tomé benefits from its exceptional location for the production of cocoa. It is exactly in the middle of the narrow belt 10° north and south of the equator, where fine cocoa thrives.

For this reason, São Tomé has some of the best conditions for optimal growth of cocoa in terms of temperature, precipitation, humidity, shade trees, and soil quality.

The cocoa from São Tomé is a blend of different varieties, the most important being the Amelonado. The Amelonado is an aromatic forastero with unique genetic and organoleptic characteristics.

São Tomé

São Tomé is located exactly in the middle of the 10° belt around the equator. This excellent location is particularly beneficial for cocoa cultivation, due to the conditions that prevail there, such as: Temperature, rainfall, humidity, natural shade trees and good soil conditions. The cocoa from São Tomé is ...