La Cuna del cacao

Our cocoa varieties from Venezuela

Venezuela can be described as the cradle and home of cocoa. Located in the Caribbean, Venezuela is one of the most famous growing areas for fine cocoa. Venezuela's plantations produce highly prized criollos, including Chuao and Porcelana. Venezuela's cocoa beans are among the most popular for chocolatiers dedicated to making chocolates using the bean-to-bar method.

There are two different cocoa growing regions in Venezuela:
Sur del Lago and the Andean regions

Numerous "subspecies" of cocoa are found in both regions.
The names of the different cocoa varieties usually come from the seaports or villages where the cocoa was grown, for example the Rio Caribe variety grown near Rio Caribe or the Carenero Superior variety, whose name refers to the port of Carenero.

This port was once a very important gateway for this quality of cocoa.
"Superior" in this case means a higher and finer bean quality.

However, our fine cocoa beans and our exotic cocoa beans are characterized by their unique taste and high quality. We import only fine cocoa beans and exotic cocoa beans. Below you can see a short description, in which we would like to introduce you to the variety of beans, all of which we can supply on request.

Sur del Lago

Sur del Lago is one of the oldest and most interesting regions of cocoa cultivation in the world. It is located in the northwest of Venezuela, in the tropical lowlands southwest of Lake Maracaibo in the state of Merida.....

Carenero Superior

Carenero Superior is an exquisite cocoa from Barlovento, the central region of Venezuela, near Caracas. This cocoa is fermented very intensively, which contributes to its excellent taste and aroma...

Puerto Cabello

Puerto Cabello comes from Carabobo, in the central north of Venezuela, bordered by the Caribbean Ocean. More precisely, from the region of Canoabo, here is a very fertile soil and a high density of criollo cocoa beans. These are rich in sugar, which is indispensable for...


In terms of criollo cocoa, there are several varieties, including Porcelana, found in the municipality of Maracaibo and considered one of the best cocoas in the world. Porcelana comes from the south of Lake Maracaibo, a region that is particularly...

Caicara del Orinoco

This exotic and genuine cocoa bean comes from the deep Bolivar state "ESTADO BOLIVAR" in Venezuela, part of the Amazon rainforest. The name is inspired in the city where he was born near the ...


Ocumare originates from the Ocumare de la Costa Valley and is a very special Criollo cocoa, characterized by its aromatic flavor. A homogeneous uniform drying and fermentation process...


Native to the Guajira region & Sierra de Perija of Rio Guasare, this cocoa variety has recently been rediscovered. The cocoa comes from a small plantation near the Guasare River in the ...

Other available varieties