La Cuna del cacao

Our cocoa varieties from Ecuador

Cocoa is one of Ecuador's most important agricultural exports and plays a major role for the rural population. The cocoa producers are mostly smallholder families.

Even though Ecuadorian cocoa production is not very significant in terms of volume compared to West Africa on the world market, it is for the niche market of fine cocoa.

The Nacional (or Arriba) variety, grown mainly in Ecuador, also stands out among the other fine cocoa varieties for its unique floral flavor.

A high susceptibility to disease of the noble cocoa and its lower yields are major disadvantages. Therefore, the cocoa producers of the "Nacional" attach great importance to the care of all steps of cultivation and harvesting of their cocoa beans. 

Arriba "Hda. Zoilita"

The Hacienda "Zoilita" is located in the north of the province of Los Ríos in Ecuador. It was founded 40 years ago, with all the trees planted at that time still present today. Hacienda Zoilita therefore consists of 100% native Arriba cocoa trees....


This exotic cocoa comes from a small village in the state of Aragua, in the northern coastal area of Venezuela, founded in the 16th century. This village is famous for its cacao plantations, where the finest cocoa beans...


Ocumare originates from the Ocumare de la Costa Valley and is a very special Criollo cocoa, characterized by its aromatic flavor. A homogeneous uniform drying and fermentation process...

Other available varieties

  • ASE
  • CCN-51